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Why PreciseUrl?

To choose a product, of course you need to know the advantages of the product first. It's the same with PreciseUrl which has the following advantages.

Best Link Management Best Link Management

A complete approach that can strengthen each and every link between your content and your audience.

Best Link Management Fast and Secure

Create short and precise URLs to increase your site's traffic growth quickly with guaranteed data security.

Best Link Management Totally Free Forever

Various interesting and best features that can be accessed for free forever.

Best Link Management Easy to Use

Features that are very easy to use by various groups of people regardless of age.


Here are some of the best products we offer you.

Link management product

Link management and URL shortener to increate your website traffic.

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More products coming soon.

Product coming soon

More products coming soon.

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PreciseUrl has lots of loyal customers from all over the world.

preciseurl all over the world
310M total users
130K monthly active users
47M links generated monthly
3B links clicked monthly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions by new PreciseURL users.

What is URL Shortener?

A URL shortener or also known as a link shortener is a simple tool that allows you to shorten your long URLs to shorter ones.

Even though it's simple, using URL Shortener is a service that has a huge impact on your marketing work that can increase your site's traffic.

URL Shortener works by turning long links into short links that are easier to read. And when a user clicks on a shortened URL, they will be automatically redirected to the destination URL of the short URL owner

Advantages of using a URL shortener

How many people can remember very long website URLs? Especially if the URL in question has a lot of characters and symbols. By using a URL shortener, it will certainly make your URL easier for many people to remember. Not only does it make the link easy to remember, having a short URL can make it easier for people to share your site with others which can impact your site's traffic.

Why choose PreciseUrl?

While you are looking to increase or build your business or your traffic, then choosing PreciseURL as the URL Shortener option is the right choice. Because we provide lots of interesting features that you can use as best you can to increase site traffic and your business.